:wave: Welcome to Zafepay for Devs

In this guide you will find all our products and the details of use of each one of them.

We recommend you start by reading what each product is for and the use cases of each of them, and then go into detail about each of the available endpoints. If you already know us, go directly to what you were looking for in the guide.

To start using our API, you must first contact [email protected] to share the access credentials and start playing :rocket:.


Once you have the credentials to use our API, you must safeguard them safely.

The credentials consist of an api_key and api_secret that will allow you to use all the endpoints available in this guide. These credentials are as follows:

api_key = f1a8332b2bbf0572c3065ba84b842122
api_secret = huJrhf9eKb2NmL6xEhStCsuDexPT7dLoAX5TsGOXTZkITQ1pFwlMDFv6oBKI5j78H8W3OpitohMNQUTXOcePq8zIOaGrw1WDyc=--0KFx2LScU1WzsHiA--HKCS0MoANVSoL6/gdcLqkQ==

To make any type of request you must join these two values ​​as follows:

to_encode = "{api_key}:{api_secret}"

And then this value you must encode with Base64 with the strict_encode64 method. For example:

header_key = Base64.strict_encode64(to_encode)

Finally, to each query you make to the API you must add the following header:

  Authorization: "Basic {header_key}"